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Originally Posted by bando711 View Post
Paulie, I still want the ESC. Will you be at Courtney sunday? or Yomatan
Most likely Yomitan, if I could ever get my Tekin RS wired up in the EVO 5 MS (ya'll know I'm a neat freak, and all these wires with this sensored brushless set up is killing me!).

It's the first race under the new Fiscal 2010 rules, but it's not a points race - a great opportunity to see where the new set up stands. That, and I won't be able to make it to the actual first points race in January, as I'll be in Hawaii getting eye surgery

Originally Posted by wolfeml View Post
Paulie, I will vouch for the Turnigy brand batteries. i have purched more than enough of these and have not had any problems with them. Never smoked one or had one balance poorly. I have had their 5s1p, 4s1p, 3s1p, and 2s1p and never had a problem with them....ever. And you cant beat hobbycity's prices. Sometimes their stock it out of stock for a long time which can get frustrating.
Sweet! I'll keep that in mind for my 1/8th scale electric assualt

Originally Posted by wolfeml View Post
So I can start building my stock of tires before I get there, what tires do you guys feel are going to hook up the best there? What it the surface made out of and do you feel that when race day it will start to build a blue groove or will it stay dry and loose?
For me it's hard to say. The track seems to have a high clay content and packs pretty good, but it's very dusty/loose to drive on at the moment. Who knows what'll happen, especially after we start driving on it and it gets some weather (read: rain).

Just for that purpose, I have a bunch of different AKA pre-mounts in Med and Soft compounds to test with. As the track stands right now though, I think AKA I-Beams in Soft may do well, as one member already eluded too...

- Paulie
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