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Default HeliYogi asked and he shall recieve...

Topic: Track Saftey Items We Use " For the cars & your wallets "

First is genius, carpet srtips about 1' wide by 3'. What to do is cut your strips, about 4 to 5 depending on your curature. Then you roll them, tape them. Then string a rope through, connecting them. Done. Make a few sets and YOUR track's on it's way to being F1 friendly!!!

Second, well it's second best. You get some of the ole laddy's longest towels. Same theory applies, just roll 'em, except you'll be taping multipul times down the towel instead of once like your carpet. Now you should be GOLD!!!

Now as far as a our extras, mind you these items are not cushy like the above, but just as key for safety. Masking tape, and old shop rubber matts. Those matts have be bevelled on the edges to a sharp degree. Once cut to your desired shape, spray them red, finish with wide whie tape, Done. It's cool because as curbs they pick up your tyre marks as you speed over them. Next is simple masking tape for your lines. IF you don't hve the luxury or a LHS w/track. Adding the starting grid w/tape is cool and looks scale.

I don't take credit for any of these tips, these are my buddies. Just givinn props where there due (brotha freak).

Heli, I hope this helps a little. I think it's cool you think my friends ideas could work were you are at. And for you to want me to spread homegrown tips will make everyone here give the long distance nod.

For those wondering, here's how we play it safe.
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