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+1 use nail polish remover. Buy AKA's next time. Mine have allways been glued good and only need one piece of bubble yum gum to balence.

We were mixing Goof off, Buggy grip, and Tag body spray on our slicks so that the wet clay of the indoor track at Ashtabula, Ohio sticks to the tires. Weird stuff.

Clay on clay = grip, where at other indoor tracks we try to find a way to keep the clay from packing on the tire! (extra tag body spray.)

At Akron indoors were using Goof off (label goo remover, yellow metal can red top), and tag body spray.

Cool thing about indoor tire treatments is that you can see cool spots spinning around on the walls and everybody gets real happy and silly. Except for that poor guy who sees himself covered in snakes/spiders. One in every crowd.

I want to be dericious to.
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