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Unemployment is as high as %15 in some areas. That's a big part of the numbers when you consider that most run more than one class.

Too many classes is not an issue unless there aren't enough racers to run them. Should it be changed? Probably yes based on the new number of racers. Is rubber tire going to save the Champs? No... Sedan numbers are down around here and will continue to be down until a few things change.

So what needs to change for the race?

1) The entry fees for 17.5 and 13.5 need to drop. This should have happened when we got rid of the handouts. And $5 isn't enough... It needs to be a ton lower. This is not Vegas or the Snowbirds.

2) Because of the turnouts we do need to have less classes. Masters should be the first to go. The old farts can be very competitive in the regular stock class.

3) All stock classes should be run on a spec tire with a limited number of sets available for the event. Tire compounds should be chosen by how well they last and how easy they make the car to drive. Yes, even 12th.

4) Sedan needs to pick a tire. Foam or rubber... Not both.

5) It's time to stop talking about it and lay the sub floor properly. I heard it's better this year but still not very good. The bumps are just not going to cut it any more. (This is one of the biggest reasons I'm not there this year)

6) The layouts need to be planned out so that the racers don't have to bitch and change them. And they need to be forgiving enough for when the bumps come up. If the sub floor is going to be crap, I would like to be able to race without randomly destroying my car for once...

7) If Cleveland wants to compete, they need to get grab bags for the different classes. This will take some work up front because the manufacturers need to be able to plan ahead on the freeby's.
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