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Was shocked to see the numbers for the race this year, but as many others have said I'm sure it's a combination of multiple things rather than just one glaring issue. The economy is hurting right now that there's no mistaking that the Cleveland area is one in which times are particularly tough. Other races around the country do offer better "perks" like Vegas and Orlando and that makes it more appealing to the guys who have the money to fly to the races or want to make a family trip out of the event. With that said though, there should still be a number of guys who race in the Ohio, MI, IN, PA, WV, KY area that are within a few hours of Cleveland and still did not appear to show. Maybe lots of people in those areas have decided to hang up their TX's until they feel that spending conditions at home will allow them the flexibility to race again?

I'm not sure shortening the length of the event is the answer as in years past when the event attendance was high you wouldn't have been able to fit all the racing in within a shorter time frame. (Unless you wanted to eliminate a practice round or a qualifying round.)

The number of classes being offered was probably to try and boost participant numbers instead of to turn people away. Why do people think that by just offering stock or mod 1/12th racing or touring car that the numbers would increase instead of the organizers offering more classes to appeal to more guys who don't race just those classes? Yes, numbers were much larger in years past, but sedan racing was HUGE just a few years ago and now it appears that the class is slowly dying off. (For a number of reasons that have probably been argued to death in other threads.) It is what it is and there's no getting around that fact. I'd be surprised if forcing people to run either foam or rubber is suddenly going to drive participant numbers in the class to skyrocket. Maybe we'll start to see a resurgence of 1/12 racing in areas around the country that need to race indoors, but again only time will tell. It seems like the more complicated and expensive things become the less the average guy wants to mess with it and those 'average guys' are the ones that usually make up a large percentage of hobby participants as a whole.

Lipo technology is still in early stages of racing right now and maybe the constant changes related to that tech are keeping some people on the sidelines? I'd like to think that could be it too, but when I think back to when I was racing you still had technology constantly changing. First it was the conversion from NiCad cells to NIMH cells and then it was changes within the NIMH cells themselves.
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