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well after using those 2 you have no real need to explore the Pitbull. ITs a fine charger that charges well but does nothing else. The Novak and pitbull are pretty comparable unless u have novak atoms or cyclones in which case you have a pitwizard built in.

The pitbull being made by CE will have similar chargine tech that the Turbo line of chargers has. But in no way is the charger comparable to these big dogs.

Not sure what you are planning to do but it its simply try a new charger save your money and just keep using the LRP as its the best of the novak and Pitbull. I currently run the REEDY QUASAR PRO as my second chargers along side of my Turbo35BL. I find it to be a great charger and find that both will charge my packs the same. The Reedy is ac/dc does charge and discharge. So it lack the motor run in that the LRP does but it has a built in power supply.
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