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Some pro guys use different fluid weight from track to track, but they usually have several identical cars set up for different conditions. If you do not run at several tracks that vary widely in condition, a good overall setup that works well over many conditions is usually the way to go. And to be honest most guys are not pro level and minor changes and tweaks can not be felt, or improve much. Once you find a good setup, there is not much need to change it much, even if the track conditions change some. As long as the setup jumps and lands well, and doesn't get out of control in rough sections, you should be good to go. I don't change my fluid often, I should probably change it more. HPI manuals have a section on how often to change the fluids, every 2 or 3 hours running. You could get away with going a little longer. If you race big events, with lots of practice, you may end up changing it before each big weekend. You could always practice on old fluid and change it before the quals and mains.
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