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Originally posted by JoshVilleneuve
yes D, we started to go stiffer (red springs in rear) also and this is helping. I'm just surprised no one has mentioned this. That and the clutch seems to be the biggest issues so far and all the guys at our local track in S. Florida are having the same problem.
Josh, I agree with you. From the get go, I started with my own mod on the 710 clutch using the same parts from the kit. Just different way of mounting the flyweights. I also used smaller end float (0.4 mm instead of 0.7 mm) and used the same 1 mm clutchnut gap. I only experienced fantastic acceleration. The clutch is very responsive to a certain extent that the tail kept going off in the corners if I throttled too much. No bogging of any sort.

As for the push, I did not experience any. I started out with full size 40 shore all around (Speedmind tires), yellow stock springs all around and with 30 wt stock Serpent shock oil. I realised I made a mistake when I set the shocks. I used 2 holes in front and 3 holes in the rear. Anyway, I left it as it is.

Front toe in was 0 with rear +2. I adjusted the rear droop to +9 but the front I left it at 0 instead of adjusting it to +2 with the 66 mm tires. Front ride height is 6 mm and rear 7 mm. I thought the car was a little twitchy for me in the straights. So I changed the caster and added more. Now I have it at 2 mm caster clip at the back of the front upper arm. Sway bars was stock in the rear and flat 0 degree in the front. The DRS arm and the roll centers were stock too. I also tightened the rear diff a little. I liked the feel of the car coming out of the corners. Too tight and the tail was twiching when I gunned the throttle too much.

With yellow springs, the car was more forgivable on the track that I run. With red springs all around, the car was more responsive and was a little difficult to drive at first especially in the corners. Later I found out the front was reacting too fast that made the cornering a little unpredictable when I throttle as the car tails. This made me drive slower in the corners and in the infields. Switch to making the front sway bar at 45 degrees and the car handles corners perfectly and the faster around the corners.

Originally posted by JoshVilleneuve
I hear that using the long upper arm position for the rear roll center addresses the problem completely, but I have not had the chance to try this yet!
Keep us updated. Julius posted on mytsn to say that longer rear upper arms would make for more stable braking but the shorter rear upper arms will give you better steering in fast corners as the car reponds more direct.
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