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Originally Posted by kyhyper7 View Post
Ok so i went ahead and ordered my buggy and it comes with a glow heater however i was told i need to buy a glow ignitor what is the diffrence ? I understand these might be extremely stupid questions and i apologize i am very new to the sport as this will be my first buggy my cousin bought one and after i seen it i have been a little obsessed about geting my own lol . another is i was told the batteries are just used for the electronics correct ? and if so how long can you run your buggy before you have to recharge your batteries ? thanks for all the help guys ill try to keep it between the lines lol ..... RACE ON !!!!!
Same thing. I use the term "Glow Ignitor" cause its geekier though.

I used to run a 800mah nicad 5 cell pack. I'd run it for about a half hour then recharge.

Now I run a 1000 mah Lipo and am good for an hour. I usually recharge it after 30-40 mins runtime.
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