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The Motonica P8C 2wd costs over $100 less than the 4wd car. It does share a bunch of parts with the 4wd car- rear body mount, h-arms, rear uprights, front knuckles, bumper, front body mount, axles, brakes, pulleys/gears, and hardware. A combo pack with engine will be available soon.
The 2wd cars are fine with cheap/slow motors. Next year's VOX line of engines from Motonica will include a basic 3 port engine which should sell for less than $200. Tires last longer, less parts to break and maintain. Lack of shocks and certain adjustments makes it less confusing, although maybe not so much easier to drive, but still easier to build and learn. With the constant rise of engine prices, this may not be as far fetched as one would think. For this class to come back I think it's going to have to start at the local/grassroots level and grow from there.

Airtronics Avid RC Byron Fuels VOX Engines

VMR Tires - available at
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