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Originally Posted by senna555 View Post
Trick car from sprint rc

I agree the initial cost of the cars will not be much different than the present crop of 4wd kits, However, the cost of maintaining these cars should be much cheaper. The cars are super strong. They should be able to take a pretty hard hit. They require in Europe a Spec 21. RB and Novarossi both sell an engine for a street price of around $250.00. All drive train componets, engines, clutches, gears, etc. will last longer due to less stress on the drive
trains. You wont have to grind away your tires trying to maintain tire ratios.
You wont have to spend $500.00 to $800.00 for a competive engine. My two
Murnan Flash 21's cost me $800.00 a piece. Great engines but lets get real!!

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