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I also think it is a great idea however some basic issues to overcome...


I inquired about buying cars from motonica and wrc to test. I help run a program at controlfreakz raceway and was looking into other intro classes as I think the GT car are not the way to go. They dont handle that great and are overly complicated for their performance...big turnoff to recreational racer/newbie. Pullstart engine are frustrating and pretty pointless. 200mm class is just as expensive and complex as 1/8 and cars are not nearly as durable as 1/8.

The 2wd are about the same price as full out 4wd 1/8 car. This is going to make it a difficult sell as a new class.


They dont share many common parts with most other 4wd versions. Again track or hobby shop or distributer will need to carry a second line of parts just for this car.


Basically only going to be used for racing at your local club/track as other tracks are not looking to adopt this formula.

For the 2wd to work multiple tracks in an area would need to adopt this as intro class,start a series, and supplier would have to offer chassis kit at attractive price for new racers along with spec engine. Spec engine is the easy part as Novarossi has a nice 3port engine that is super cheap and will last a long time in this type of chassis.

I was trying to put out feelers to start a "sportmans class" using standard 4wd 1/8 car with a inexpensive engine. Used car are widely available and would also be attractive for newbie or experienced racers that dont have the budget to run open 1/8 due to cost of engine tires etc.

The traxxas slash concept worked for offroad as it is cheap, durable, handles pretty good all things considered. Just wish their was a similar solution for onroad.

I am open to suggestions on how to make a intro 1/8 class work...please help...every year gets harder to get new people into onroad due to the cost and speed of the vehicles. Future of tracks and hobby depends on getting new faces!

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