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Default European 2wd 1/8th pan car on-road Classic class

Does anybody know anything about this class and the rules? I understand there is quite a bit of interest in this class in France, Italy, and Germany.
What Cars are avaliable? This is a 2WD Pan Car class with Spec engines is all I know about this class.

I would love to see a simple 1/8 spec class with spec engines developed in the US. We seem to shoot ourselves in the foot every time we try to start
a spec class in this country. It usaually starts out as a low cost spec class
with inexpensive engines then morphs into a high cost highly competive (including pro driver participation) monster after a few years (200mm 10th Sedan class comes to mind!).

The Europeans may have something here. Maybe some of our European friends will jump here and post some info about this class. Maybe even post a few pics?!!!!

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