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I'm having some problems, again, the the ball diff in my mini. Even though I have it cranked down pretty tight it's slipping badly. I can actually hold both front wheels and have someone else apply the throttle and there is hardly any torque being making it to the wheels. You can hear the motor and gears spin up real good, though.

Any thoughts on how to make this problem go away? I'm on my third ball diff in the past year and a half. The gear diff is looking real good right now.

Originally Posted by sidecarphil1 View Post
what i need to know is what is a good base set up so it drives like my old M03 , as described on Mini RC as an old pair of slippers
Well, there are a couple of things you can do to get it close. Run the same tire combination as you did before, but run harder springs on the rear than you do on the front. If that's not working for you, run the same springs all around. Start with medium and go from there.

Add some weight to the nose I tacked 2 ounces of lead to the front of my M-05 tonight and got that old familiar feeling back, except that it doesn't traction roll anywhere near as much as the M-03.

Other than that it's all personal setup preference.

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