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Originally Posted by ultegrasti View Post
well finding that u accidentally had #1 pistons in ur rear shocks kinda sux. full rebuild on shocks, move rear arms forward, took out all AS from rear (was 2deg), gave myself an adjustment possibility with the caster block up front. only managed to get thru 1 shock before i called it a nite. mounted up new bars (PL white foam) and pink tapers. will try red ribs next time i'm up 4 a giggle. also moved some of my lead back to the front behind servo. lotta work done, just some gluing and some more shock builds. then it'll be time to find some steering.

there was some dirt accumulated on the bottom of the shock bodies and on the spring retainer which means the shocks are leaking. seems weird considering they are new. Should i rebuild them before sunday with green slime, will that help?
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