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If I am not mistaken, God created the Shabot (the Sabath) for man, not the other way around. You can do with the Sabath what you want. It was created by God for man so that he may have a day to rest. If you chose not to rest on the Seventh day as God did when he created the Universe then thats up to you. You have not sinned in God's eyes, but I will say this...

It would be who of you to rest one day a week because if you dont your body will get tired and you will eventually get burned out.

This is why God created the Sabath for man and not the other way around. So that we may rest and recoup one day a week, so that we can spend time with our families and enjoy a day to ourselves and relax. This way we can start a new work week refreshed and recharged, but if you want to work on the Sabath God will not be mad at you. As Jesus said, man is lord of the sabath and God created the sabath for man not man for the sabath. Do with it what you want. Plus I dont consider racing work. Racing is how I like to relax and unwind. :-)

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