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Default Jews for Jesus!!!


I come from a Jewish geneology from both my father and my mother. My mother's father (my grandfather) was a safardic jew from Portugal, and my father's father is a Jew from Austria and escaped Hitler's Slaughter, but my Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother were not so lucky. They died in Auwschitz. I have very semetic looking features including the hooked shnoz and eyes close together to my nose, so not only do I claim to be jewish but you can see that I am a jew just by looking at me. LOL! Anyway, I am a Jew who beleives in Jesus and I consider myself to have completed my faith by beleiving in Jesus as the only born PERFECT son of God. Notice I capitalized the word PERFECT because all of us jews are sons of God begining with Adam, but none of us is or was a PERFECT and sinless son of our Aba Father God except for Jesus. I was just curious as to how many of us Jewish R/C racers also believe in Jesus as I do.

By the way, this is my first post, and I have a TRF511 that I will be building and so I found this website as a helpful source of info for my new r/c car project. I am also an avid R/C heli pilot.

God Bless all of my brothers!

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