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Smile Modying Land Rover LR3

Hello all, I am new here and new to RC cars in general. My question is, is it possible to modify the new Land Rover LR3 R/C car? I am not looking for step by step instructions, but i just want to know if its possible to swap out the motor and the battery pack. (for faster straight line on road speed)

Its a 1/10 scale 10v lead acid battery. Independent spring suspension and good rubber tires on it..

It says on the box that it is 15-25mph, but i am highly skeptical of that number. It's not really a cheap car, it was $85, don't know if that is cheap or expensive for an RC car. It is not really marketed to RC car enthusiasts im guessing, cause i searched this forum and other forums and couldn't really find any info on it.

I bought it while i was getting my Rover serviced at the dealer and when i asked the parts counter guy if i can modify it to make it go faster and he just looked at me like i had 6 heads and told me he didn't know.

If anyone has an idea, i would great appreciate the advice, thank you..
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