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Originally Posted by crazywhiteboy View Post
i just bought a fw 05 chassis and it came with every thing but the motor. i was woundering if a short shaft os. .15 would fit or another nitro motor. can any one tell me about the clutch system. right now i'm trying to get it running as cheap as possable. I would like to get to know the car and then start racing it. and any other info on the car would be great. thanks
check this link out!
go down to page 32 you will see the clutch assembly,

call or order on kyosho's website,on the parts using the 3 numbers in the circle followed by the rest of the digits to its right! they will ask you for the part number! you are going to spend probably $50+ $$ parts may not be in stock!
you may want to try looking around online for parts!

engine you would like to stick to .12 size motors only! .15 probably wont hurt but you may try it! id never tried it so i have no feedback!

hope this helps! PM me if u need anything!
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