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Originally Posted by sonic31 View Post
man im a serious whore when it comes down to the 416 but hanging on to my 416we seems like the logical choice right now even with the subtle improvements done to the 416x. now that lipo is legal for ifmar that means to me that further chassis design changes are inevitable mr. anderson(haha) exotek seems to be on par with that by the lipo chassis' they make for the tc5 and cyclone so i think to wait longer would be wise.
what say ya'll
Have you ever put a deflection meter on a stock chassiss to see how much torsional twist you get out of stock chassis over a "lipo special chassis", and why do they continue to run thinner chassis in rubber. Just some ?'s that have me scratching my head. I also remember a chassiss that had similar cut outs on both sides of the chassiss, I think it was a Corally, but they aren't continuing that process either. I thought the whole idea behind the lay of the matting of a carbon fiber plate could be manipulated to twist whichever way the designer wanted it to, stiff or floppy.
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