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well just coming upto 10 gallons on mine now,only thing i have changed is the front bearing!

theres a tiny bit of play on the conrod and rear bearing so i might just chuck a new bearing in there and let her run her natural life out,still pulls like a train and smooth as butter,idles nice and low and consistent,i have only had 1 flameout in the whole time i have had it and that was when the idle dropped when the pinch went.

compression is still pretty good,ok its not got any mechanical pinch but 10 gallons what more can you ask lol..oh and thats uk gallons which is about 12 U.S. gallons.

its a real shame it makes then too expensive to buy (for me as i live in the UK) and import duty cripples the price but for you guys in the usa..dam your lucky!

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