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Originally Posted by Scottmisfits View Post
If that one was bent in the car, I'd like to see the rest of it, and the other car. NO way was that in the car. I'll give you credit, after stirring so much stuff up in this forum, and switching cars, advertising someone else's upgrades, nice job on making a name for yourself.
I have to agree there is very little chance that the damage to that bulkhead shown in the picture happened while attached to the car. The hit would have to be severe enough to rip the mounting screws out of the motor mount, the motor and at the same time and the rear bulkhead. Even if it could manage to do that the car this bulkhead was supposed to be attached to would no longer be in a driveable state. And for the whole notion of straightening it out, I find that hard to believe as well. It would never be usable gain after that, even if by some miracle you could put screws back into those holes it would cause the car to tweak like no other. This myth is busted.
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