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Originally Posted by Scottrik View Post
The "original" treaded vintage tires are specified by part number as the only acceptable tire. Clubs are, of course, welcome to modify this rule to suit their own needs, but really why would they do that?

The "one tire" rule removes one more potential area for folks to spend money buying all three (now) tire types (and the wheels to go with them) looking for an advantage. If EVERYONE is on the same tires and inserts then nobody is at any disadvantage to anyone else (perceived or otherwise) as regards tires.

One of the ideas behind this class was to take the equipment as much "out of the picture" as was possible.
thanks I agree to that...I wasnt sure cause if these tires was "NEW", I had ppl asking about them at the MCC 09'...I didnt know if they was a replacement to the old with the Novak 21.5-SS and the Ballistic need to change anything, but if so we need to post it asap..along with the Ballistic motor....we had about 5-6 ppl running them and our RD doesnt really check the forum..and trying to explain something thats not posted in the USVTA...can be a little confusing for some...
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