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Originally Posted by Scottmisfits View Post
I haven't really paid much attention to this thread as I am an offroader in the summer. What's the benefit of flipping the belts? What's needed to do it or is it literally just flipping the diff's and the layshaft? Will the oneway still work with flipping the belts?
I flipped my belts because of the 'new improved' bulkheads I bought. With these bulkheads I found the pinion interfered with the belt, so I switched them around to solve that problem. You simply swap the belts over and flip the diffs, easy. As a bonus it is also much easier to change pinion now with them flipped. Downside is that you cannot use a one-way without modifying it, you basically have to switch which side the pulley sits on the one-way and them shim it out to the correct position, there are pictures earlier in the thread, no idea where though.


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