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Originally posted by twopie24
Im about to jump to electric cars, i currently run nitro touring.i gues my qustion is a hpi pro 3 a good car to start with..or is just a good car?? pls lmk...

thanks in advance
I could be wrong, but I am almost positive that there are about three threads about the Pro 3. One for pictures, one for questions about setup, and the third as the ORIGINAL thread. As I stated before, I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that this thread is "spam"...

Now, as for the Pro3 as a race car. I have run this car before, in stock trim, and it felt weird. Spoke with some people about handeling, and each and every one responded told me that i would have to spend MUCH money to make it competitive with the rest of the stock class. So in the end, you could possibally be spending more money than the car is worth in trying to make it competitive. As for a trade, if the car comes with all the hop-ups then go for it, but if it is stock, then I would not bother. Personally, I have nothing agenst HPI, and as a matter of fact, my first car was an HPI.

I might also be wrong about this, but I bet that very FEW race the PRO3 at YOUR local track and that are competitive...
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