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Originally Posted by dreaux View Post
anybody have any vids on how to do it? Bout to change the rod on my ninja. Advice? never done it before.
Take the cooling head off along with the "button" (combustion chamber)

As stated move the piston to near top dead center and remove the back plate.

Rotate the piston to BDC and remove the sleeve.

Take a sharpie and put a dot on the rod just above the crank pin as well as the exhaust side of the top of the piston. (You will appreciate this later)

Once again rotate the crank to TDC (or there abouts) and slide the rod off of the crank pin and remove the assembly out the top.

Also as stated put the assembly in a clear plastic baggy to remove the clips and to re install them.

Notate the rounded portion of the crank pin bushing as this will go against the crank fillet. (Check reference against the one that was removed) assemble the same way it came out again checking your dot on the piston for exhaust side reference.

Reassemble in reverse as stated above.

Any questions feel free to PM or email

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