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Originally Posted by token View Post
its bike cleaner that OD just stole. My neighbor builds the bikes for the US Olympic team and he has literally a barrel of that stuff in his garage. He is working on getting me the info on it. Once i get it I will pass it on.

Now, I use Simple green and a water hose. Let the SG soak for a few minutes - spray with water hose, ha everything off. Once that is dry I use the Pink stuff (OD but not OD) this is not as strong as the SG but it has lube which keeps everything from rusting . after i rinse that off, I let dry. Then I take it all apart (RIGHT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE - IF I FEEL LIKE IT) I check and/or replace all bearings. I do not clean bearings, for a buck a peice its not worth my time. Check all plastics, check the hinge pins, depending on time frame, rebuild diffs and shocks. (I only replace before a BIG race or 3 or 4 club races.

It is key that you check EVERY moving part, make sure nothings binding

NO rust with WD40

Finish line makes the pink cleaner in a gallon form $33
Finishline!!!I am familiar with that,my son races BMX.....Sometime I take nothing off my car and just hit the suspension, that odonnell stuff has some kind of lube it it witch makes it oily. Simple green has water in it and leaves it dry looking. I did the waterhose thing for years not good!! I dont care how good you blow it off with wd40!!! Running ina mud race OK i can see that but to keep it simple just use a good spray on solution of your liking. Ask a top name pro what he does? Most dont tear down there car after every run,I sure dont..Big race yes but keep it simple for everyday use.. A rag and compressor and a toothbrush,cant beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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