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Originally Posted by hairymuffin View Post
After 16yrs nitro experience I have used a lot of cleaning stuff and the best so far is......................................


I wish I knew something just the same but cheaper in a bigger bottle???
its bike cleaner that OD just stole. My neighbor builds the bikes for the US Olympic team and he has literally a barrel of that stuff in his garage. He is working on getting me the info on it. Once i get it I will pass it on.

Now, I use Simple green and a water hose. Let the SG soak for a few minutes - spray with water hose, ha everything off. Once that is dry I use the Pink stuff (OD but not OD) this is not as strong as the SG but it has lube which keeps everything from rusting . after i rinse that off, I let dry. Then I take it all apart (RIGHT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE - IF I FEEL LIKE IT) I check and/or replace all bearings. I do not clean bearings, for a buck a peice its not worth my time. Check all plastics, check the hinge pins, depending on time frame, rebuild diffs and shocks. (I only replace before a BIG race or 3 or 4 club races.

It is key that you check EVERY moving part, make sure nothings binding

NO rust with WD40

Finish line makes the pink cleaner in a gallon form $33

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