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I am still amazed at how many people dare clean their cars with pressured water... even if they spray WD40 afterwise. I still don't get how you don't develop craters of rust all over the place.

here's my method when the car ran in dust but not in mud - first, the amount of work will be really decreased if you don't spread fuel all over the car at refueling time

- blow most of he dust of the car with air
- take tank and motor off (thank god for motor fast mounts, long live KingHeadz!!!)
- spray WD40 generously everywhere but the center diff area (coz of brake pads)
- let it sit 1mn
- blow with compressor
- spray again some wd40 in selected areas this time
- blow with compressor
- car is now clean

- disconnect motor and tank
- remove filter, plug holes
- dust off motor with light brush

- plug tank
- empty quite a bit of denatured alcohol on it with a spare window cleaner spray
- watch it become magically minty white

done - reassemble, go run again till next week

Every month or so, remove front, mid, and back of the car, radio tray, shocks and and clean more dutifully with toothbrush and all

Every 2 gallons or so pull the whole freakin car apart and spend 10hrs putting it back into fresh condition by replacing $50 of worn out parts

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