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I got to give my Type R a pretty good run today. This is only the second time I've been able to drive the car since I got it. We had a practice day at the parking lot track today, and it was really cold and windy! (about 10ºC, 30-45kmh winds ) I toughed out the crappy weather though. The Type R is feeling better now than it was compared to the first time I ran it, since I've had a chance to balance the preload and droop settings now. I've got some unknown setup on the car right now that makes it extremely edgy off centre. Just going down the straight a slight twitch of the wheel would make the car dart 3-4ft in that direction. Turn in was a bit weak though, which was surprising. Exit steering was good, but the back end was loose on exit and the rear end had the feeling of swinging out like a pendulum if I got on the throttle just a bit to early. Keep in mind I was running an HPI S2000 body, but I ran an R9R on the car last week and the balance wasn't terribly different this time, but grip and steering were down a bit.
So, overall not very happy with the handling yet. My Xray was perfectly dialed just like it always is on that track too, so the Losi has some ground to make up yet, but these are just learning days still! The Xray has a hundred runs and the Losi only has about 7-8 so far.
There aren't a lot of setups on the Losi website. Right now I'm running on a tight asphalt track, but in a couple weeks we'll be moving indoor to a really, really insanely tight carpet track with Jaco Blue as the spec tire. Are there any setups you guys can recommend for me? The factory setups from Losi are just for carpet foam and rubber asphalt, what about carpet rubber? I used the standard carpet rubber setup on my Xray for our asphalt track and it was almost perfect. I'm hoping that I can find a similar setup sheet for the Losi.
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