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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Boomer View Post
Well I have spent all day going through pictures and editing them. Total on Saturday: 789 pictures taken, 355 are going online. So many car shots that it was too much. For those wondering about 600 good shots out of 789, not bad. Lots of duplicates.

You can see them on my website Here

Thank you all for joining us for the 2009 IIC. It means alot to us to have all of you travel from all corners of the earth for our race. When we started this 5 years ago, our goal was to put on an event that racers could come to and win or lose, feel like they had an awesome time and that their money was well spent. We know there are a bunch of quality events held each year and with the economy being what it is, we are humbled that you have chosen the International indoor championship as one of your "must attend" events.

For those of you who did not join us, we hope you have heard some stories from this year that make you want to give our event a try next year and we hope that you followed along online on LiveRC.com.

I would also like to thanks all of the team this year as this was our best team yet. Thanks to Jamie "the final word" Tennies. Charlie "drunk dialer" Suangka, Brandon "LiveRC" Rhode, Jeff Chesney, Jeremy Albrecht, Gary "Grey Goose" Anderson, Kraig O'Brien, Josh Rehburg, Keith and Billie Joe Daugherty, Monica,Jacob and David Blundon.

Time to get back to normal life for a couple weeks before the wheels go in motion again.

Hope to see you at the races
LOL that's too funny...you got my manager and his family in the pics and they were there only to see me race very cool...great pics!
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