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Default Kudos to all...

Kudos to the drivers I practiced and raced with in Amateur 17.5 and WGT 13.5. Was a remarkable driving experience for a BIG race.

Thanks to CRC for their on-site setup support to get my WGT converted from its asphalt to carpet setup during the week. The car handled beyond my expectations; but, I was still learning how to drive it effectively on the rug when the week came to an end. Saving the setup for next time...

Thanks to Corally drivers for all the setup input in the past. I was totally happy with my RDX Phi (old one) from the very start...Even though I had used it on asphalt with the same setup the week before. Special thanks to the Corally driver from Brazil who sold me a very cool aftermarket one-way assembly for my Phi...He later returned a $100 bill that I thought was a $20 in the exchange...Old age is my only excuse for that boo-boo...

Thanks to the TOP drivers for an entertaining week. Especially to the Three Wise Men that are entrenched in the ranks of TOP.

Thanks to the tech crew and Jim of ThunderPower who helped me with my one-time issue of overcharging a pack with my supposedly 8.44V certified charger. Yes, it's going back for recertification. Otherwise, a perfect job getting through tech and to all the racin' on time...a first for me.

Fun seeing Boomer, Yeti, Yang, EA, Rick, Mark, Barry Baker, Brian Kinwald, etc...But, certainly missed the many no shows that couldn't come this year.

Thanks Scotty and crew for putting on the show again...It is absolutely my fav event of the year.

Gettin' to bed recover from my 'vacation'.

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