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Originally Posted by auzzy_mate View Post
I have been doing some serious testing over the last few weeks. I have tested warmers, 'no additives', Simple Green (SG), other house cleaners, Paragon Fx2 (Fx2), and Tyre Tweak (TT).

I did all of my testing in good conditions on two medium/high grip tracks in which I am very familiar so the consistancy of my laps would be good. All runs were 10 laps long, starting from a #1 grid position behind the S/F line and 60degC on the warmers when used.

I have now tested the following combinations during warm days on Sorex36 tyres:

Nothing - took about 4 laps before my times settled down. 3/10
Nothing/warmers - 3-4 laps. 5/10
SG - 2 laps. 6/10
SG/warmers - 1-2 laps. 7/10
Windex/warmers - 4 laps. 6/10
Orangepower general use cleaner - 3 laps. 7/10
TT/warmers - 1 lap. 7/10 (with increased tyre wear)
Fx2/warmers - instantly. 8/10 (with increased tyre wear)
SG/Fx2/warmers - instantly. 9/10 (with increased tyre wear)
TT/Fx2/warmers - instantly. 9/10 (with increased tyre wear)

I have tested all of the same during the cooler night temperatures and the results only change very slightly. The only difference is that I turn the warmers up by 10degC during night.

I have found that Fx2 is the best in both conditions but once the hotter days of Summer get here (30+degC / 90+degF) I will be just sticking to SG/warmers.

SG(cleaner)/Fx2 (10min on warmers)/TT(5min on warmers) = fast early lap times.
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