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Originally Posted by snoopyrc View Post
Aside from you dont like 80's cars I am missing your point. Oh wait. That is your point.

I want my GNX.
Originally Posted by cliferton View Post
hey all that boost.....boosted the GNX to being the fastest accelerating produced in the US when it was made yes even the vette wasnt as quick on the stomp.
My point is made. I can leave for my trip now comfortable in the knowledge that ya'll get it.

The fact that people, although probably a good bit younger than I, look back at a decade and identify the "cool" car(s) as a mid-size GM sedan with a hair dryer tacked on to the intake side is indicative that cars, indeed, SUCKED in the '80's. And most of the '70's. And a good bit of the '90's as well.

Best things that can be done with a Regal/Cutlass/Malibu/What the hell DID Pontiac call their version of the mid-size nightmare is exactly what Darkside's siblings are doing with them (arguably "art") or where we see 'em at the local round-n-round pounding each other out of existence.
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