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Sorry to hear about tim.

About the post jlfx tried to type. I'm sure i can read it better than
He was saying that the motor is illegal by ROAR rules and that the things that make it illegal (smaller rotor and the neo stacks along with a couple other things) are almost impossible to tech with any of the teching methods that you will find at any race. At the track a racer swapped to the 17.5 duo and was smoking everyone down the straight plus carring the same corner speed that he had been carring in the prior weeks with a "legal" motor and even with all this new hottness he was still 0.4 slower per lap than the tracks "fast guy". So his motor was faster, but he still lacked the set up and drive line to truely be fast.

I'm on the fence about the whole speedo gripe. I hear from people that dont have the new hottness in the speedo world say how its not fair and it's cheating. I think some of these people just want to have an excuse as to why they got beat. When I get beat (every freakin weekend i put my car down) I know why i got beat and am not scared to admit why. I was not consistant enough and I did not have the entire "fast" line figured out. Me and jlfx have been doing quite a bit of testing on the whole speedo dispute. we have tested with a GTB, TC spec, and 2 SPX's. The cars we used have been a FK05, t2 009, and as of late two TOP PHOTONS. The testing we have done with the TOP cars has probally been the best and most error free of the testing, because we used identical chassis, motor, batts., gearing and so on. The two cars also weighed within 10 grams of each other with shells on. First off if youre running a GTB you probally are a little pissy. The GTB did not run well against either of the LRP speedo's. Now on to the LRP's We have found that the advantage of the spx as far as VTA is conserned to not really be there if its LRP vs LRP. I'm going to skip a lot here but we tried numerous gearing, profile, and timeing changes. We are happy with the cars right now. He is running a SPX, and I have the TC spec in his sons car (currently inbetween rides). both cars are geared around 4.44 and believe it or not the tc spec will slightly (i mean slightly) pull the SPX at the far end of the straight. The two cars are almost identical as far as punch, accel, and top end are concerned. Aside from nashrcracers car that he put down the last 5 min of the enduro (wink wink TECH) I would say that these two cars are some of the fastest cars(pure linear speed no driving skill) that get set down on the tracks we go to (Nashville,Memphis, Jonesboro). At the enduro I sucked up Batman pretty bad on the back straight it was the only time i passed him all day, but it was very aparent that I had a lot more on the straight than he did I even heard him say something about the car being fast on that pass. when I made that pass I was rolling a TC spec and a SMC3200 40c pack with a 4.44 gearing. Not sure , but I think batman was running a SPX with a 4800 40c pack (correct me if i'm wrong). OK i need to wrap it up I know VTA guys are hard pressed to keep attention for more than 8 mins. The speedo is not as big of a deal as all the hype, and don't waste your time chasing a 4.2 FDR we never get close to a 4.2 and the cars are always fast on the track. While you were trying to figure out what spur and gear combo to run to put you exactly at a 4.20 you could have replaced those 2 bad bearings in the drivetrain that are really slowing your car down.

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