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Originally Posted by tc5 man View Post
why whould full failsafe burn youru engine up if the electrics shut off and the car not moving i have my set to full brake but it only does it if my battery goes really dead or the speckum loses it bind i dont think the failsafe works on speckum inless you bind it with full brake
where ever you have your radio dials set to when you bind the receiver to the radio is where your failsafe will be set at. it could be full throttle, neutral, or full brake.

personally i recommend full neutral on both the steering and throttle. before i have turned my transmitter off and left the car on which sent it into failsafe mode that i had set to full brake. i left it on the bench like this when i went out to turn marshall. while i was gone the throttle servo almost caught on fire because it was in full brake mode causing the servo to go into overload and heat up to the point where it was smoking bad and nearly on fire.

and it was a borrowed servo too
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