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Originally Posted by DOMIT View Post
Endpoint is correct and the exp = 0%

As for the Novarossi... it is already a little too lean on bottom. It was "singing" over jumps a bit if I was full throttle on runup, so the bottom is too lean. (If I was only 1/2-3/4 throttle it didn't sing...) Temp at the end of the main was 258... temp at the end of the last heat on Saturday was 274. A bit too warm for comfort, although I did have good smoke... top seems about right. The bottom needs to be fattened up a bit, but I was having trouble with it bogging and not wanting to idle if I did so. It only has maybe half a gallon on it now, and is still so tight I can't turn it over in the chassis when it is cold.
If richening the bottom makes it boggy, lean the bottom instead. Then back off the idle to get rid of the "zing"

May need to richen the top just a hair after doing this.
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