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I study electronics, so here's my opinion:

Function: When your pull full throttle, especially when your car stands still, your motor will draw maximum amp's. This might cause that the battery can't keep the voltage up, especially with hot modified motors. The capacitor acts as a buffer, it will help the battery to keep the voltage up, so your radio equiptment will receive the power it needs to keep operating normally, therein reducing glitching. Furthermore, your motor will have more punch out of a corner.

Voltage: choose the capacitor with the voltage as close as possible to voltage you will use. In most cases you'll wind up with a 10 or 16volt capacitor for 6cell use. A higher voltage means a thicker capacitor.

Capacity: choose capacity according to your needs and motor. I run 12turn eurospec mod, and I use 4700uF. A less powerfull motor will require less capacity, there is a point where more capacity doesn't help. Also, the more capacity the larger the capacitor, so keep weight and available space in mind.

Connection: the capacitor has a long and a short lead. The short one goes the minus, the long one to the plus (of the battery). If you foul this up, your capacitor will selfdestruct. That will leave an awfull smell, and a lot of mess (seen it). Also, there's a minus marking on the housing of the capacitor, if you've already cut the leads, or are uncertain.

Only capacitors from the manufacturer: Nonsense, I used an old 40volt 4700uF capacitor the entire last season with good results. It's just a selling trick.

Hope this will help.
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