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Originally Posted by cyanyde View Post
long term or short term cost? we run brushed sport tuned here and i've already used up 4 motors this year. That is pretty much equal in cost to a hobbywing 12t motor/esc combo system that i have, which is still running well after more than a year. And not to mention the speed difference between one sport tuned to another can sometimes be obscene. Newcomers to the mini class gets turned off too when they see they have to spend money on a brushed esc. Not everyone have a brushed esc left somewhere in the pit box.

Brushless M-Chassis please....
I couldnt agree with you more on the Hobbywing brushless system. Best value for money and it ought to be considered as a spec class at least here in Malaysia. Sort of level the playing field..

The insane speed of the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor...the ones that you have witnessed at our Kota Raja race was tuned out of spec would be surprised to know that a couple of the motors were reaching max RPM of 30,000!!! and for that reason alone, u could see a huge gap between one motor and another... With that insane speed, these bunch of guys could have chosen to drive in the Mini 4WD category instead...

IMO, Mini in Australia is going in the right direction with the brushless Hobbywing esc + motor, true to its original intended form to have this class as a fun category with a level playing field.

Perhaps, we ought to emulate...
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