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Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I used to race quite a lot around 5 years ago, then dropped out of the hobby to take up real car racing (drifting). I've since been gaining interest back in RC, to the point now where I'm really enthusiastic and I'm dying to take it up again. After a lot of research, I've got my heart set on a Cyclone. I was all set to buy a TC at next payday, but I've recently just located a brand new Hara edition for sale. I'm now confused about what to do. Both cars have their positives and negatives for me from what I can see, but I still can't decide. Which logically would you guys say the better car is on paper? Can anyone with experience give me an insight into the best choice? I'm currently thinking of buying the Hara now (being discontinued and all), then maybe picking up a TC later when I can afford it. What would you reccomend?

Also (off topic of Cyclones, sorry) I've still got a lot of my old gear, including a Novak TC Cyclone 2, and an LRP IPC V7.1, which were pretty much the best speedo's available back when I was active. Obviously these only work with brushed motors. At the very least I'll have to buy myself a new motor (along with a new set of batteries, but thats a different story) but would I be handicapping myself by not getting a brushless setup? Is there much difference between a brushed motor and an equivilant brushless? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm hopelessly out of date with all this stuff now. Starting to pick it all up again slowly though. Thanks very much for any replies guys.
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