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Hi again , i have balanced my car side to side and done what ive been told , but just a question of curiousity , to get to the minimum weight limit , iv'e added a strip of 60 gr to the outside of my lipo , its not sticking out of the chassis but i did it like this because on the motor side , the server is just on the edge of the chassis , same for the receiver and esc and motor is sticking , so i did it so it would be equal both side , but i was wondering if i should take the 60 gr off and put it on the chassis behind and in front of the lipo pack , will it make the CG ( center of ... ) higher or not , or is it best to get a lipo weight tray to make the CG lower . by the way , i had to trim 1.5 mm of the bulkhead , so would a tray fit ?

Thanks to everyone in advance .
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