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Originally Posted by Phil C View Post
Hi Cosmo,

No problem at all, sorry its taken so long for me to reply...

Here is a pic of how I have cut the topdecks and a base setup sheet for asphalt which I usually work from.

I will be testing with Andy M from Friday-Sunday at Snetterton Park track in the UK as it is the venue for the next UK national. I will post the setup I end up on if you like, as it is low-medium grip and could also be a good setup to work from.

Hope this helps,


how did the racing in snetterton go?
learn anything new there?

when i look at your top deck cut i seem to think it is more flex then the one andy moore ran. last time i tried a cut top deck was a std topdeck cut where the belt tensioner is. i found this to be slower then the full std deck and the full tc deck. but perhaps grip levels are different for it to work less well?

is that track right on the doorstep of the real snetterton race circuit actually?
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