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Originally Posted by Brian Alderman View Post
i have had the very same problem, had three runaways during some practice and one after a qual run. i have a zo1b with a 603fs rx and it also happend in columbus a couple weeks earlier while scott cramer who is with futaba was there and he said heat should be an issue??? so what i did was take a heat gun to the receiver and at 150-160f the light went from green to red everytime. i dont know what the failsafe mode is supposed to do but mine ran away as i was holding the brake to go pick it up off of pit lane, i mean went to wot and was gone!!!

i was told that this problem was cured with the 604 rxs and someone loaned me one but we could not get it to bind with my 3pk. so i drilled the holes as mentioned above and put the 603 back in and ran a 6min qual and 20 min main with no issues. i would rather not have the holes in the rx box, but i cant deal with the runaways so guess that how its got to be, but that amount of heat should be tolerated by the rx in my opinion, im using a nimh batt for power. just thought i would share what i found.
The 604FS will have the same problem, it happened with my MP9 and 4PK. If I start to run engine temps over 230F my servos will get twitchy and eventually the fail safe will come on. When we temped the reciever it was 125F. My fix for now was to unwrap the foam from the reciever like they ask, install in vertically like they state on the Futaba website and then I installed some orings on the bottom of my battery reciever box so there is an air gap between the chassis plate and the reciever box. This appears to have helped so far and I tuned my motor down to 220 range. Disappointing for sure, especially when an older spektrum reciever will work in exactly the same condtions. FSST should not be sold for nitro applications....

On another note you need to check your failsafe position, it should be adjustable for the servo position on your 3pk (it is on my 4pk), your failsafe is set opposite of what you need it to be.

Good luck
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