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Originally Posted by gto0209 View Post
Your lhs should be able to get irs if not alot of the ae stuff transfers over. Heres a list of what is nice to have when starting out in 12th
caster block set, ae or irs
Plastic ones come with the kit. I've never broken these or even worn any out. It is however, nice to have a shiny set of aluminum ones.

Originally Posted by gto0209 View Post
irs lower arms
Definitely a must have spare item. Also make sure to get an 8-32 tap if you don't already have one to pre-thread the arms.

Originally Posted by gto0209 View Post
rear ride height adjuster set, ae
The BMI comes with the full IRS ride height adjuster set in the rear so you don't need to get more of them. You will want something for the front though. BMI makes some really nice aluminum ones. They are kinda spendy but well worth it. Alternatively you can use the CRC plastic shims and someone else makes some really nice carbon fiber shims (can't remember who).

Originally Posted by gto0209 View Post
diff rings not sure what bmis use
BMI uses the IRS lightened diff rings.

Originally Posted by gto0209 View Post
1/8 diff balls
wheel nuts
a couple extra bearings
This will be plenty to get you up and running
The 8-32 tap is really important as it will extend the durability of the IRS lower arm. Also make sure to use the IRS screws that come with it because other screws are thicker so they stress the arm and many have a different angle on the head then what the chassis is countersunk for.
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