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Originally posted by sbmon
just went through my mtx3 after a great sunday of racing. I raced the car just a little over an hour, not including 10 minutes of practice in the morning. I ran 3 five minute qualifyers,won the 20 minute b main, and made it through 27 minutes of the a main (my rx battery dumped on me at the 27 minute mark) The most amazing thing is I did not touch the steering trim all day and when I went through the car today all the settings (camber, toe, etc.)were still pretty much right on. Coming from the ntc3 i still can not believe this. I had several crashes during the day that i truly believe would have ended the qualifyer/race if i were using my ntc3, with the mtx3 it just took all the abuse of my poor driving skills and kept tracking straight asking for more. I am by no means saying the mugen is faster than my ntc3 but the durability of the mugen is astounding. One question i do have though after going through the car I have noticed that the bearings do seem more vulnerable in the mugen compared to my ntc3. The bearings were quite dirty but i guess this is normal, about how many race days are you all getting out of the bearings on your mtx3 before replacing them entirely.
thank you
Dude ... you are most mistaken to say the Mugen bearings are vulnerable compared with the TC3. The TC3 bearings will break easily when you shunt the car, I used to drive one and I know, a few of my pals driving it have the same problems. All bearings will get dirty when you run the car. I would say the Mugen bearings will last about 6-8 months (assuming you run it twice a week or about 8-10 tanks) before you notice they are running slightly rough.

Bearings that usually wear will be the ones for the wheels and those holding the drive cups. As for cleaning the front bearings on the wheels you need not take off the knuckle. Just remove the upper arm from the hinge pin and its easier ... you will not change the front camber.
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