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Originally Posted by tc3team View Post
He was a team driver, but not anymore. It was easier for him to get complete used cars and strip them down for parts.

I think that was the main reason I stopped liking Serpent after that. It didnt say much about the parts support back then!

Dont get me wrong, the car has had some good results to its name, but now... I don't see much of a future for the s400 for anything past club level.
I was witness to what the S400 is capable of in the right hands at our national event this past weekend, the 3 top local toruing mod drivers in our my country were running nose to tail all 3 with different chassis(JRXS type R, Mi4 and S400) the S400 is easily as good as the other 2. Doesn't help if it can't be fixed when something does break though.
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