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Originally Posted by markhat250 View Post
Maybe this has been covered already, but I thought I'de post this from another thread....

After reading closer on the Jammin' SCRT10, I have a feeling it is going to be ALOT more than just an SC10 with 4wd. I have a strong hunch that it is merely an extended chassis of the current CRT.5 with a SC body now. If this is the case, this car will be considered more 1/8 scale "construction/vibe" than 1/10 whimpy plastics. If that's the case, we may even be seeing 3S with some smaller type Neu motors in them.

Anyway you slice it.....I'm buying one the first day out!!
Even the CRT.5 at 1/12 scale, a Neu 1590/1511 is better to use than 540 brushless due to the weight, be interesting to see how much this kit weighs. Ofna said it has a aluminum chassis, be nice to know what motor they were running in that video.
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