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Originally Posted by axle182 View Post
Jim thats the combination i run on both my m04 and m03's, its perfect for carpet. If your stuck using tamiya tires only, put Type A's with hard inserts in the back and its very close, but the Type A's wear out very very fast. Thats why i LOVE these 3 racing tires. And I agree, they look disturbingly cheap (and they are cheap! lol) and they have a very hard feel to them, but i have no idea how they grip so well.
Oh, so you are running a rear wheel drive mini on carpet? You might be the person to talk to then. I have been trying to setup my M02 for carpet and it just doesn't work, I have to be really really easy on the throttle out of corners or it will spin out instantly. Any ideas?

I have tried all the tires and all combinations of inserts. SOme of them work but they all fall short of a really sticky tire out of corners. Some tires I tried are HPI cross pattern radials, Tamiya slicks (A-type 60D), radials Tamiya M, Tamiya S, Tamiya (normal), Tamiya XB kit tires (smaller diameter). INserts used are RS4 mini pro (kit) for HPI, hard foam and Sorex type A (touring insert cut to size) for Tamiya radials. On tarmac, I don't have problems, the car is very good. But on carpet, it's very fiddly with corner exits. I am using a lipo in the car compensated with lead to bring it up to 1350gr, lead is distributed evenly around the car, perhaps with a little bit of rear bias. Silvercan motor. Swaybars at both ends, Tamiya aluminium shocks, kit spring on the rear, on road tuning white spring on the front, two spacers (the largest) at either end, 40wt AE oil front, 30wt rear. Ball diff, largest motor pinion.

Am I asking the impossible? Is the RWD mini just like that and I have to live with it, or can I get it to behave?
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