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Originally Posted by zleader_99 View Post
I am running a cyclone with novak ss13.5, rubbers and a 4900 trakpower lipo.
I do have a speedpassion 13.5 on the way. Should that be set up different to the Novak?
I'm not an expert on the GT2.0 ESC -- mine is only a month old or so, but I've been running Novak for about 2 years... Regarding setup differences between the SP13.5 and the SS13.5, keep in mind that the timing on the motor is adjustable on the Novak, and that can change how you want to set the timing adavance on the GT12.0...

OH -- for the brushed motor, consider getting a good used brushed only ESC... they are dirt cheap now, with everyone changing to brushless, and they are usually a bit smaller and lighter than brushless ESC's...
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