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Originally Posted by -WHEELMAN- View Post
Nice bro thats some direction. I had to order a new center shaft to fit the SMC 40C packs I got so hopefully it will be in stock next week some time for shipping.

Nice thanks. Do you think i should try the same even though im running a 13.5? Im new to on road, I mean I used to race about 5 years ago before i got into on road but was never any good, do you think i should be starting with a 17.5? If I remember right you really only notice the differance in the long straights and not at all within a small tight track.
Yeah, 17.5 is good to start back in if you havent raced in awhile. Like me. 13.5 is more for advanced drivers per say. IE the old "Expert/Super Stock" classes vs the 17.5 IE stock or novice more like it. :P haha. Anyways last time I raced 17.5 I got booted out to 13.5 cause I was lapping them.

Yeah, the gearing there I'm at is a good starting point. It works for the 13.5 at our track too because we only have one long straight. We'll see when race day comes. I'll go practice and adjust from there based on motor temps and how the car feels.

But once you get that layshaft in, get yourself a Kimbrough 108 and start in the 40ish range. Adjust from there for your track, esc and weather. Even the motors are a little different too. I have Novak, LRp and sp 13.5's and they all run a little "different" from ea other. BTW if your goin smaller then I think a 43 pinion you might have to up you spur. Dont think it'll mate up together.

Just my .02 here.

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